Game Server Hosting Service Reviews and Reports

Are you looking to host a game server for you and your friends? Look no further.
Best Minecraft Server Hosting (2022 Ranked)
Minecraft brings joy into many of our lives, whether it be childhood memories, a way to connect with family and friends over quarantine, or just some good old sandbox building. Hosting your own Minecraft server can be a great way of doing these things, or just having a good time with your friends. In this review, I outline the best server hosts I've found and will give you a brief overview of what you can expect from these hosts.
Best Ark Survival Evolved Server Hosts (2022 Ranked)
Ark: Survival Evolved is every boy's dream, an open-world, survival of the fittest, dinosaur game which lets you tame and ride your favorite dinosaurs. An Ark: Survival Evolved server is the best way to experience Ark with your friends but can come at a cost to your hardware with its intense demands on your system. Luckily there are many great server hosts out there willing to host your Ark: Survival Evolved server for you! In today's review, I will be exploring the best Ark: Survival Evolved server hosts for your epic adventure!
Best Rust Server Hosting (2022 Ranked)
Rust is an open world, PVP driven, multiplayer game where players scavenge for scrap and guns to grow their strength and research blueprints before the server gets wiped. The only way to play Rust is on servers hosted officially or by the community, so for a truly unique Rust experience either with yourself and your friends, or just you, you'll need a powerful Rust server which allows you to change multipliers, install quality of life mods and more. In this review, I will look at the top Rust server hosts for your server, and which one I believe suitable for a solution to your Rust server experiences
Best Terraria Server Hosting (2022 Ranked)
Terraria is a 2D, atmospheric adventure game which sees players traveling across the world to fight bosses, loot treasure and build structures. All of this can be done better with a server. If you want your friends to play Terraria together without a server, there will always be one of you who has to be online whilst everyone else has fun. This is inconvenient and can be done much, much better. By using a Terraria server, you and your friends can join your world 24/7, without having to worry if your friend isn't on to host. Terraria servers also provide boosts in performance through load handling done by the server
Best CS:GO Server Hosts (2022 Ranked)
CS:GO (Counter Strike: Global Offensive) has been a major contender for decades in the first person shooter space, but why would you want a server? Well, CS:GO servers enable you to provide certain services to communities you can build yourself which just aren't available in the base game. Examples of this are training servers where you can duel other players, bots, moving targets with different mods and maps which enable you to hone your skills. Or something like a CS:GO surf server which exploits a physics mechanic in the source engine, made by Valve, enjoyed by players all over the CS:GO fanbase. In this review, I will look at the best options for your CS:GO server host.
Best Garry's Mod Server Hosting (2022 Ranked)
Garry's Mod is a sandbox game created on top of the Source engine made by Valve. As the name suggests, it is a modification of the engine it is built on, offering players the ability to play with Source models and rag dolls in a physics based sandbox game. Garry's Mod has numerous unique game modes which are commonly hosted by large communities. But what if you want to host your own? In this review, I will look at the most popular hosts for Garry's Mod servers and outline the pros and cons about hosting with each host.
Scala Hosting VPS Wordpress Hosting Review (2022)
Scala Hosting offers Wordpress VPS hosting with a 4.9 star rating on Trustpilot, but are they any good? In this review, I will analyze Scala Hosting's Wordpress hosting and tell you whether or not you should pick Scala Hosting for your Wordpress hosting.